The Eyes Have It 

Love the pic and the recognition of living in the moment. Something I need to learn to do more of as well.

Life Conversations

And they rowed into the sunset like some strategic madness had engulfed them… I stood there mesmerized by their uniformed motion and just like that Captain Jack Sparrow flashed into my mind. Seriously, could I not get my thoughts to stay serious for a moment? Funny brain!! Then I remembered that I had to stop at the supermarket to get an eyeliner…

Eyeliner, my eyeballs! Stuff the magical sunset. I had to make sure that I get my eyeliner because if I turn up to work in the morning and there happened to be no lines, yes, zilch lines around my eyes, then everyone would be asking if I was coming down with some sort of illness or worst the plague. I seriously did not have to be controversial like that. No, thanks!

So I took three snaps from my tiny mirrorless camera and then all was forgotten. I hurried…

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