Observations On Bruce Springsteen

So its late at night here, the family is in bed and asleep, they have been for hours.

Tried to go to sleep and laid in bed for half hour trying to put my mind to rest.

Doesn’t work………. television is on, and the Late Show is on with Stephen Colbert, (much prefer him from David Letterman, although didn’t have a lot against him, just didn’t find him all that funny).

Stay with me reader because I do have a point.

The melancholy has set in and isn’t going away anytime soon; then I hear Stephen Colbert talking to Bruce Springsteen.

Always been a kind of fan of Springsteen, I remember him and his music from my younger days……. Dancing in the Dark (did you know it is Monica from the 90’s TV show Friends who is dancing with him in the film clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=129kuDCQtHs ), Born in the USA, etc.

It wasn’t until later that I found out my Father liked Springsteen music as well, mostly his earlier stuff, which I hadn’t heard until my brother, and I gave him a collection of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band for father’s day.

It quickly became a collection that my brother and I listened to more than poor old Dad. Come to think of it not sure where those old cassettes finished up????

Anyway, Bruce starts talking about his book, an autobiography, and his love of music. Now, plenty of musicians talk about their love of music, but Bruce took it to a whole new level for me…or perhaps it was my state of mind at the time.

Here is the link for that part of the interview if you’re interested:


By the way, I think this was one of the longest interviews I have seen on a late show before as it was drawn out over several commercial breaks, so the interview, I believe, would total nearly 20 mins.

Note: the links are in 8-minute segments and encourage you to watch them all in sequence.

The part that triggered an “Observation” for me, reader, however, was when Bruce spoke about his depression/anxiety and how his father and other family members also suffered from it.

This hit very close to home for me….and I felt a close affiliation with “The Boss” when he began telling his story. Provided in this link:


Now……. At about 1:30 mins in Colbert questions Bruce about his “night terrors.” I won’t say anything more about this because you can hear it from the man’s mouth.

However, I wanted to share one thing from this interview.

Paraphrasing Bruce says:

“I was a neurotic young kid, and his music was medicinal”………. he used music to calm down, to centre himself, not think about time but rather be in the present.

Perhaps I need to keep learning my guitar because would that be a euphoric experience, to do something you love so much and enjoy it to a point where it heals you, if only for a short while.

I encourage any of the readers to listen to all the interview fan or not. A great interview that perhaps made me “over think,” but in a right way this time, and now his book will be on my Christmas list…might even get me reading again.

Okay, so it’s even later, my mind is running at 1000 miles an hour, and I have to get up and be a responsible and fully functioning adult again tomorrow……Hopefully, this post has got my mind back to a place where I can now sleep, or I might try to squeeze in an episode of Mr Robot before bed, but I will leave that for another post.


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