This site is an attempt at generating interest in stories and ideas locally, nationally and internationally and express the thoughts of an overthinker.

These thoughts may be random at first and may not particularly be popular in nature, but it is hoped that they will be well researched and considered informed opinions. It is to be expected that constructive input and opposing viewpoints will be provided which will lead to generating discussions that help inform all those that visit.

What it can offer, other than regular posts at the moment, is sources of the originating concepts of the posts. In most cases, the websites, podcasts or news stories of interest will be embedded within the posts they initiated, leading you as the reader to the origin and allowing your free thoughts on the subjects.

As this site grows so will this About Page and it is intended to evolve as it findsĀ purpose and develops the idea of a clean, non-commercial influenced, knowledge based opinion.

If nothing else by subscribing to follow the website you as the reader will gain access to regular interesting articles or knowledge that will be pertinent and interesting without the constant distractions and clickbait that mires the internet today.